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Research & Development

Relentless in the pursuit of breakthroughs

The strong expertise in research & development and formulation & development has consistently paved the way for the growth of Vikram Thermo. Our esteemed R&D and F&D facilities have enabled us to develop products that set us apart in the market. And we continue to invest in R&D and F&D so that we are on top of the current trends and our products meet the changing compliances.

Our R&D and F&D teams bring extensive experience which comprises qualified pharmacists, research scientist, chemist & chemical engineers who are skilled at developing polymers for pharmaceutical & cosmetic applications.

We’re all about dedication, creation & science

Being a research-based company, we apply science and the power of our resources to discover and develop processes and products that can significantly impact the lives of people.

Distinctive-credentials Distinctive credentials
Power-of-people Power of people
State-of-the-art-infra State-of-the-art infra
First-in-class-science-2 (1) First-in-class science
Innovation-success-rate Innovation success rate

Customer support center

Our methodical customer support centre allows us to assess the performance of our products and provides support to our customers. It’s our conviction to uplift the communities that fuels our desire to provide on the go services for customers.