Diphenyl Oxide

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Diphenyl ether, sometimes referred to as diphenyl oxide or DPO, is an organic molecule with the formula O(C6H5)2. Diphenyl oxide can undergo a number of reactions, including hydroxylation, halogenation, nitration, Friedel Crafts alkylation, and sulfonation, just like other phenyl rings. Diphenyl oxide is a liquid that is sticky and colorless and has a pleasant smell. The density of diphenyl oxide determines whether it will float or sink in water.

By Application

  • Diphenyl oxide is utilized in various sectors, including those that produce chemicals, perfumes, and petrochemicals, for a range of purposes, such as processing medium, raw materials, or solvents.
  • Diphenyl ether is frequently used in soap scents due to its stability, affordable price, and geranium-like scent.
  • Diphenyl ether is also employed in the manufacture of polyesters as a processing aid.

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