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Film Coating

Reliable Drug Shielding through Advanced Film Coating

What is Film Coating?

Film coating is a specialized pharmaceutical technique involving the application of a thin, protective layer onto solid medication forms. This layer serves multiple purposes, such as enhancing stability, masking taste, and providing controlled drug release.


Deciphering Our Expertise in Film Coating

Our Film Coating methodology synergizes precision engineering and advanced techniques to achieve optimal drug delivery efficiency. Tablets undergo a rigorous regimen of comprehensive evaluation and meticulous preparatory cleansing. Subsequently, our proprietary coating formulation, tailored to exact specifications, is applied with utmost precision. This stratified coating functions as a protective barrier, affording tablets resilience against gastric acid dissolution while facilitating controlled release solely within the enteric environment.

Composition Evaluation and Enhancement Composition Evaluation and Enhancement
Surface Preparation and Priming Surface Preparation and Priming
Application of Advanced Film Coating Solutions Application of Advanced Film Coating Solutions
Rigorous Quality Assessment and Verification Rigorous Quality Assessment and Verification
Optimized Drug Release and Dispersion Mechanisms Optimized Drug Release and Dispersion Mechanisms

Performance Amplification: How We Add Value

Customized drug release through precise film coating

Customized drug release through precise film coating.

Enhanced stability and extended shelf life with protective films

Enhanced stability and extended shelf life with protective films.

Tailored release profiles for controlled drug delivery

Tailored release profiles for controlled drug delivery.

Improved patient adherence and comfort with tasteful coating

Improved patient adherence and comfort with tasteful coating.

Contamination protection and dosing precision ensured

Contamination protection and dosing precision ensured.

Applications of Acrylate Copolymer

Diverse Applications of Film Coating

Explore the multifaceted utility of film coating across various sectors, driven by its adaptable characteristics and broad functionality.

  • Enhanced Dosage Delivery with Controlled Release Profiles
  • Gastric Protection for Sensitive Pharmaceuticals
  • Improved Taste Masking for Pediatric Medications
  • Cosmetic Enhancement for Tablets

Innovative Uses Enabled by Film Coating

Look into how film coating fosters innovation in different domains, leveraging its versatile application potential to transform industries.

  • Advanced Drug Release Mechanisms with Custom Profiles
  • Barrier Protection against Environmental Factors
  • Functional Coatings for Medical Devices
  • Sustained Release Formulations for Chronic Therapies

Film Coating’s Impact on Modern Pharmaceutical Sciences

Discover how film coating revolutionizes pharmaceutical practices, contributing to the creation of groundbreaking drug delivery solutions.

  • Controlled Release Films for Targeted Medication Delivery
  • Precision Coating for Modified Release Formulations
  • Multilayer Coatings Enhancing Drug Stability
  • Tailored Coating Solutions for Novel Therapies

Versatile Applications of Film Coating in Manufacturing

Learn about the adaptability of film coating in manufacturing, playing a pivotal role in diverse applications across industries.

  • Efficient Tablet Coating for Customized Release
  • Surface Protection and Improved Aesthetics for Tablets
  • Enhanced Drug Bioavailability through Coating
  • Innovative Coating Solutions for Nutraceuticals

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Why Choose Us?

Vikram Thermo emerges as the paramount selection for enteric coating solutions, fortified by a reservoir of technical prowess and stringent adherence to precision engineering. Our intricate approach, bolstered by an unwavering commitment to quality, delivers unmatched performance in pharmaceutical formulations.

  • Specialized Proficiency
  • Nano-level Precision
  • Tailor-made Formulation Mastery
  • Stringent Quality Assurance
  • Enduring Reliability
  • Cutting-edge Innovations


Film coating for tablets involves applying a thin layer of specialized polymer material onto the tablet’s surface. This process enhances tablet attributes such as controlled drug release, improved aesthetics, and protection against external factors.

Film coating serves several crucial purposes in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s used to achieve controlled drug release, mask taste and odor, provide protection against environmental factors, and enhance the tablet’s visual appearance.

Film coating materials encompass a variety of polymers such as hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), ethyl cellulose, and polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). These materials are meticulously chosen based on their ability to achieve the desired coating properties.

Common polymers used for film coating include hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), and polyethylene glycol (PEG). These polymers are selected based on their specific performance attributes.

Tablet film coating finds extensive applications in various scenarios. It’s used for extended-release formulations, modified-release drugs, taste masking to improve patient acceptability, and enteric coatings to prevent drug dissolution in the stomach.

Film coating can be broadly categorized into two types: aqueous and non-aqueous coating methods. Aqueous film coating involves using water-based solutions, while non-aqueous methods employ solvents other than water. Each type has its own advantages and specific use cases.

Optimize Pharmaceutical Performance with Customized Film Coating Expertise

Experience elevated pharmaceutical potential through our intricately designed film coating solutions, carefully calibrated for controlled release and amplified therapeutic effectiveness.


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